Panache Dance Fitness – Stage Productions and Screen Dance Workout…

Panache Dance Fitness is a full body workout, featuring iconic songs from popular Stage Productions and Screen. We like to refer to the class as a Rehearsal and that the participants are the Cast Members. Our ethos is to help lift the mood of participants (cast members) and encourage them to leave their troubles at the door, letting the music take them to a happy place.

Our aim is for every cast member to leave each rehearsal with that all-important “feel good factor”. The rehearsal is a combination of easy to follow dance choreography and fitness, working the whole body. Dancing is an opportunity to be free of daily worries and stress.

Panache Dance Fitness should never be a chore and is always accessible to all. The Dance Captain (Instructor) can increase the intensity or alternately deliver a rehearsal at a lower impact to the cast members. Each routine will have modifications and options from which the cast member can choose the most suitable.

Do you, or do you know anyone that is thinking about training in a new exciting dance fitness class using music from stage and screen …..

Why not hold a Workshop in your area for a taster session of my new brand….Panache Dance Fitness.